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Fix the 5 Reasons Leading to IMS Services Failure in 2022

Fix the 5 Reasons Leading to IMS Services Failure in 2022

December 20 , 2021

Finesols Admin


The introduction of mobile phones had left the world in awe by connecting people through a single efficient medium and getting things done efficiently. Mobile phones, be it Android or iPhone has evolved over the years to reduce the communication gap between individuals and enhance immersive user experiences. Not to forget, the IMS services like text messages, multimedia messages, calls, etc., in the android software made the game strong facilitating users with immersive entertainment. Usually found in Samsung phones, the service worked incredibly well with a carrier provided communication app, but with advantages comes disadvantages that affect the overall functioning of software or device.

Mobile phones have changed the business landscape, with more companies developing their own applications to attract customers. The customized applications not only enhance the user experience and features but lets you offer unique functions. Though you can’t go wrong with mobile app development services, users can always leverage machine learning consulting to build futuristic AI-driven applications for personal and business use. Like the IMS, you can get other services of software embedded in your mobile phones. Before moving on to why IMS stops mid-way and ways to fix them, it becomes essential to have knowledge about the IMS service before integrating it into the company’s structure.

What are IMS Services?

What are IMS Services
What are IMS Services

IP Multimedia Subsystem Services comes pre-installed in android phones, enabling your device to work more efficiently and effectively while communicating with the service provider. The robust service plays a vital role in entertaining the users with messages, calls and multimedia. The service gets seamlessly delivered via an IP network system by automating and connecting the service with the user’s carrier. Like wearable apps, the users might face inconvenience when the services, unfortunately, stop while performing functions. The service is the core system of many Android mobile phones to deliver engaging usability functions.

5 Reasons Your IMS Service Stops Working

5 Reasons Your IMS Service Stops Working
5 Reasons Your IMS Service Stops Working
  1. Outdated Android Software

Outdated Android Software
Outdated Android Software

All the software worldwide requires frequent updates to make the app or device performance efficient and smooth. Like every other software, the android software might play a huge role in stopping the service midway while performing a task. Your Android software or manufacturer’s UI might get attacked by a bug that reduced the proper functioning of the software, which in turn stopped the service. Hence, the user can update the software to the latest version to fix the error.

  1. Outdated Apps

Outdated Apps
Outdated Apps

If you have updated your software and still the service stops, you might need to update your applications. Sometimes when users update the software, a few applications might stop working correctly on the new version. This requires the user to update the application to remove bugs from the apps for smooth IMS services using mobile apps in real-time. Users can check their Google Play Store to update their applications.

  1. Cache


All applications present in mobile phones store cache to reduce the app’s loading time by saving temporary files. The cache is harmless to mobile functionalities and services until it gets corrupted over time. The corrupted cache might cause issues like stopping the service in the middle of performing a function. This issue has been seen with a few android applications over the years, especially if we talk about messaging app, preventing it from working at their full capability. Hence, to get rid of the error, clear the phone app cache. This technique primarily works and fixes the problem in no time.

  1. Default Message App

Default Message App
Default Message App

There are few configuration files that network providers apply to user applications before facilitating them with calling, messaging and internet facilities, depending on the region they live in and the network provider they use. At times few of the configuration settings interfere with some aspects of the default apps, creating a barrier to working properly. Users can try getting rid of the problem by contacting the network provider or hiring a machine learning consulting firm to fix the error quickly. Users can change or disable the configuration settings of the network themselves, letting the service work without any glitches.

  1. Third-Party Message Apps

Third-Party Message Apps
Third-Party Message Apps

At times, few third-party apps might overtake the user default message applications and interfere with the smooth functioning of the messaging system.  The default message service might be blocked or disabled, causing the services to work efficiently. The users can switch to safe mode, disabling other apps installed on the mobile device except for default applications to prevent other apps from interfering with the default message app. Moreover, it helps identify or detect the issues on the phone.

If the above solutions fail to work, users can opt for the safe mode to resolve the issue as only pre-installed applications can run on the safe mode. However, it is always advisable to research the problems before trying anything different to implement the correct technique to fix the problem immediately. Below are a few steps to improve the IMS services problem in a few minutes on the Samsung mobile phones in 2021. Let’s start with the easy process:

  1. Switch off your Android or Samsung Galaxy phone.
  2. Press and hold the power button till the name appears on the mobile screen.
  3. When the device’s logo appears on the mobile screen, release the power button quickly.
  4. Press and hold the volume down key on the mobiles side area without wasting any time again.
  5. Keep holding the volume button until the restarting text vanishes from the mobile phone screen.
  6. Users should release the volume button as soon as they see safe mode appearing on the bottom left corner of the user screen.

In conclusion, the IP Multimedia Subsystem Service might stop due to various factors on your Android phones like Samsung Galaxy J7. Users can fix the issue in real-time with simple counter actions and processes, leveraging enhanced user experiences. Users can implement the above techniques to make their mobile phones or wearable apps work again without errors. Such errors are common and might appear without any significant reason, so do not worry and try the above methods before heading to any consultant.

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