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Peace Market

What is Peace Market?

Peace Market is an online and delivery grocery shopping store. They aim to make your grocery shopping easy, fast, and fun. Not only can you visit the physical stores and browse through the fresh and amazing collection of seasonal farm fresh food, great local finds, quick meal solutions, and incredible new products, but you can also order them online and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Peace Market is basically an e-commerce grocery store that caters to customers far and wide. The app is super engaging and user-friendly and you can easily navigate it to find what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for your favorite brands or looking for exclusive products, Peace Market has it all and more. The app has many sections like fresh deals and discount products that help you save money while shopping. It also has a shopping cart option where you can add your items and then check out when you are done.

A Look At Peace Market

Since it is a physical as well as an online grocery store, we had to make the user interface as close to the physical theme as possible so that the people can relate between the two. Whether you visit the store or open the app, you will feel the same atmosphere.

Making Peace Market Accessible and Navigable

For the app to run smoothly, we had to make sure that first of all, it was accessible from all devices. We know that a lot of people rock an Android phone and then there are the iPhone users. Some people use other devices to access the internet and we had to take them all under consideration before building the app.

The second thing was the easy navigability. We had to make sure that everyone who logged into the app would find it easy to navigate and search. You can search for your favourite brand or you can browse through the amazing deals, discounts, and products. It is all up to you.

More Than A Grocery Store

Peace Market is so much more than a grocery store. It also has other items that you can enjoy whether you visit the brick and mortar store or you log into the app.

Peace Market offers a huge variety of services and products:

  • Supermarket
  • Deli
  • Arabian bakery
  • Halal butcher shop
  • Indian spices and
  • Eastern sweets

Fresh and Organic Products

I always use Peace Market to order organic products online. It makes my day so much easier when I don’t actually have to go grocery shopping. I save a lot of time and use it to do the things that I love like reading and painting. My order promptly arrives at my doorstep. The delivery guys are always courteous. That is why I stick with them.

Emma Barnabas
Housewife and Mother


Indian Delicacies

I was introduced to Indian spices and sweets by a friend of mine and have been a fan ever since. One of the places where I can get fresh and delicious Asian sweets is Peace Market. Sometimes when I have the time, I go to the store as it is an experience onto itself, but usually because of the time restraints, I just order it through their app.

Mark Clarkson


Halaal Food At My Doorstep

I was always looking for Halal places to eat and shop everywhere I went and when I found Peace Market, I literally breathed a sigh of relief. All my worries went away. Now I just pick up my phone and order what I want and it gets to my home easily. An additional treat for me is the Arabian Bakery as it gives me the feeling of being back home.

Ishmael Badin

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