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Automate your business processes while increasing your sales.

Maintain your data and record it so that it is safe, secure, and incorruptible.

Leverage the power of AR and engage your audience with this world experience.

Give your customers, clients, and an immersive experience they’ll never forget.

Avail the power of Machine Learning and make well-informed decisions.

Create the most entertaining mobile games and bring in more customers.

Create wearable apps that allow you to monitor and keep record of user data.

Connect all your electronic devices to create smart business solutions.

Property Management

Automate Everything and Manage Your Property From Anywhere

At Fine Solutions, we provide you with the latest and state of the art property management solutions for all your real estate problems. Do you have a property that is hard to manage? You don’t have to worry anymore.

With our best property management software, you will have increased mobility, operational functionality, and more. Manage your property, reduce your costs, and improve your efficiency by partnering with Fine Solutions. Our fully integrated system allows you to handle any type of real estate like a pro.

Turn your real estate into an investment instead of it becoming a challenge for you. Stop wasting your time, effort, and money on it and start working smart. We offer you the latest technology to handle any and all problems related to your real estate management.

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Features of Our Property Management Solution

Here is what you will get by partnering with Fine Solutions. Believe us, this is just the start. Here are some of the features you will benefit from:

Assess Facility Conditions

Find out the condition of your facility and easily manage all repair and maintenance work from your desk. You don’t need to go anywhere.

Real Time Reporting

Get real time reports on your facility and analyze those reports to gain valuable insights.

Online Booking

Find out which of your facilities are in use currently and which are free. Enable guests to book your facility online.

Single Source Control

You are the single source of control of your property.

Benefits of Our Property Management System

Increased customer satisfaction

Real time reports

Valuable insights

Multiple property listings

MAP view


Memory Management

Channel Manager

Integrate your system with other popular systems and increase your visibility

Physical Access System

Access your system from anywhere without fearing for security.

Marketing Campaigns

Manage your marketing campaigns like a pro and reach your customers easily.

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